Industrial traditions of our region can be traced back to 17th century, when a number of iron and steel forges was built in the Panki county area, to supply the army of the Polish Republic. Next period of intense development occurred at the beginning of the 19th century when large iron workshops were founded in Panki county, equipped with water wheels, blowers and automated hammers.
In the beginning of the 1960’s exploration of Iron Ore deposits within the Częstochowa, region was resumed. In 1961 construction of an iron ore mine began on site of current MASKPOL compound. Within 3 years additional water and ventilation shafts, shaft towers and machinery were built. However in 1964 construction was halted, after detailed geological studies found out that low yield of the ore was uneconomical for extraction.
In the year 1967, a decision was made to adopt the existing buildings into the manufacture of airway protective equipment. Newly formed factory belonged to “PZL Warszawa II” conglomerate. Officially, the factory began operation on 1st September 1968. Initially F-14, F-15 and half-masks were manufactured. In the 1970’s Engel brand injection moulding machines were purchased, and production of MP-4 gasmask was started. In 1979 main manufacturing hall was commissioned with over 7,6 thousand meters square area, where the entire manufacture of MP-4 gasmask was relocated from Wola, in the Warsaw area. In 1985 entire production of BSS was relocated to MASKPOL.
On the 1st July 1991, PSO MASKPOL gained total autonomy from WSK “PZL WARSZAWA II”. In 1992 cooperating with French GIAT consortium, a technologically advanced MP-5 gasmask was designed, meeting highest protection standards.
On 30th November 1994 PSO MASKPOL was transformed into an SA – a public shareholder company.
From the end of the nineteen nighties, factory underwent intense modernization and restructuring. Manufacture of filtration clothing and a wide range of police equipment, such as helmets, shields, batons and riot gear was started. A major milestone in 2005 was the commencement of manufacture of the wz 2005 army ballistic helmet in the following year's manufacture of ballistic vests for army and police started.
In the last years, PSO MASKPOL developed special armour for aircraft and military vehicles.
Currently, PSO MASKPOL is the market leader in this field.