We provide a range of services:
Design and construction services for metal, plastics and rubber, using various CAD software:
  • Catia v5-6 R2015
  • Solid Works 2016
  • Solid Edge
Design and construction services for the development of tooling for plastics and rubber compounds:
Injection moulds for plastics and rubber
Press moulds and pressure moulds for rubber
Metal machining tools – stamp, press-cutters and dies
Technological process equipment
Generation of computer programs for numerically controlled machines, from 3 to 5 axis of movement, using the following software:
  • Catia v5-6 R2015
  • Edgecam 2016 R1
  • NX CAM

design and construction services for special clothing in textiles, using the following software:
  • InvenText – pattern optimisations
  • Vsticher, Vidya – visualisations
  • AutoCAD – technical documentation
  • MTM ASSYST, MTM PDS – grid parametrisation
  • INTAILOR Order, Manager, Shop, Catalog –  3D Body Scanner data analysis

Simulation of injection process using Autodesk Moldflow 2017
 Strenght element analysis using Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2017
3D printing in PolyJet Matrix technology using photo-activated resins on a 3D Connex 500 printer with 400 x 500 x 200mm working area.
3D print from metal powders (stainless steel, machined steel, aluminium, titanium) using 3D - EOS M290 printer. 250 x 250 x 325 mm working area.
 Other services:
  • Modernisation and manufacture of injection and pressure moulds, presses and dies, based on delivered documentation:
  •  CNC mills:
   a) milling – 5-axis
   b) reverse drilling
   c) wire-cutting and hole punching
  • manufacture of carbon and copper electrodes
Conventional machining – pressing, milling and grinding
Tempered steel manufacture, carbonisation of steel and thermal improvement of steel.
Precision measurement of metal elements and comparison with 3D model.